• If the shipment to be delivered is Customs goods, the driver is required to present the relevant Customs documents upon arrival at the pick-up point. If this is not done, the consignment will be processed as community goods!
  • P&B is an authorized recipient and can usually unload Customs goods without direct supervision by Customs authorities.
  • After unloading, P&B must verify the identity of the goods. Deviations generally result in a “non-conformity declaration,” which may cause delays.
  • Under the transit warehouse procedure, goods may be stored for a maximum of 90 days. Thereafter, an approved follow-up Customs procedure must be initiated. The customer is informed of this in good time and asked for instructions.

Approval as authorized recipient Here: Excluded goods

Goods not covered by the approval shall be those which

  • (1) are accompanied by an export declaration for refund purposes or a T5 control copy, unless otherwise specified, or
  • (2) will be accepted by a railway company under the simplified transport procedure by rail or in large containers covered by a CIM consignment note or TR transfer note

Additional exceptions:

  • (3) Goods transported under the TIR Carnet procedure
  • (4) Goods for which a Customs bonded warehouse is required
    (alcoholic beverages not duty cleared for free circulation)