Delivery Import

  • Basically against exemptions
  • Upon presentation of the A18, as a basis for the settlement of storage fees
  • By default, the goods are delivered in the same condition in which they were found when they were unpacked. No repairs will be carried out without a specific order (exception: dangerous goods).
  • Non-palletized goods will be packed on EURO exchange pallets during unpacking, if possible, for the purpose of transhipment. The exchange of pallets step by step is possible.
  • Our staff loads pallets/packages on the truck bed using forklift trucks
  • In the case of damaged goods, the driver can receive a status report and, if desired, the contents can be checked in the presence of the driver (content determination). Both the condition report and the content determination are special services subject to a charge
  • The customer is responsible for the completion of all customs formalities. As a rule, the burden on the custodian is relieved before the goods are taken over.
  • Trucks are dispatched in the order in which they arrive. The dispatch takes place with no guarantee of time frame. Dispatch is possible between 06.30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., whereby trucks which need complete loading must arrive before 1:00 p.m. and must submit the required documents in full


  • For delivery of a shipment, an email with an A08 must be sent to P&B in advance.
  • The truck driver presents a A08 or a similar document (with notice of rights holder) containing the booking number for the shipment to be delivered.
  • Without a booking number, unloading will not take place.
  • P&B creates a delivery note for each booking number. Only then does the driver receive his delivery receipt. Any findings used for interface control are also noted on the delivery note
  • Unloading by forklift is usually carried out without using ramps
  • P&B shall ensure unloading/dispatch within reasonable periods of time. Guaranteed time frames are not stipulated